SROI Report „Balu und Du“

Editorial, Illustration, Print


Value for Good & SIC / 2015 (German Version) & 2018 (English Version)


Concept, Illustration, Layout, Print

The brochure contains a report that presents the Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of „Balu und Du“ – a mentoring programme for disadvantaged children. The goal of the project is to explain how the SROI of the programme has been calculated and estimated until year 2071. The 80 pages publication is available in German and English. It features a 6 page sheet at the end to be folded out.
For this project I developed a visual concept which focuses on a minimalistic but clear use of graphical elements and colors. A number of vector illustrations are the back bone of the report, these drawings have been paired with carefully executed info graphics. No other pictures have been used, so the appeal of the brochure relies solely on layout, typography, illustrations and info graphics.